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Outstanding brake services

Don't let your brakes break down on you! Let our professionals work on your brakes and brake systems, you'll be back to stop on a dime! The moment you notice that it seems harder to bring your vehicle to a stop, or if you're hearing any type of grating or squealing noise, it's time to bring your vehicle into Mufflers Plus Inc. We will find the right solution to your brake problems.


Full brake services

- Brake pads

- Brake shoes

- Diagnosis of brake problems

- Brake replacement

- Brake fluid check and replacement

- Anti-lock brake system (ABS) repairs

- Brake line replacement

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All brake repair services!

Don't risk driving around with faulty brakes. When you sense your vehicle isn't quite up to the way it used to be, come in and get them fixed before they get any worse.


Keeping your car safe and brakes working for over 25 years!

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